How add gallery to WordPress website or blog.

  1. Install Plugin
  2. Add Gallery
  3. Adding Images
  4. Managing Images
  5. Add Skins
  6. Add Gallery to Page / Post
  7. How change displaying mode for mobile devices (without Flash Player).
  8. How use iOS App.

Install Plugin

Download free GRAND FlAGallery plugin and install.

Add Gallery

The first thing you will want to do is upload some images. Before you can do that, you have to create a gallery. You do that on the Manage Galleries -> Add Gallery tab. Galleries are created below the path specified on the General Options page, typically wp-content/flagallery/. Creating a gallery actually creates a new folder on the server to store the images.

Choose the name of your gallery very carefully as once it’s been created it is very difficult to change it. You’ll have to rename the folder on the server’s disk.

Adding Images

Once you’ve created a gallery you can add images to it. There are two different ways to add images to a gallery, by uploading them and by copying them to a location and then scanning the directory.

Note that when uploading images, check that the php.ini file for your server sets the maximum file upload size high enough.

Upload images one or more at a time. This is done from the Upload Images tab on the Manage Galleries page. You can select multiple files to upload and see progress of each image as it is being uploaded.

Import images already in your gallery folder. To do this:

  1. Go to the Manage Gallery page.
  2. Click on the Edit link for your gallery.
  3. Click the Scan Folder for New Images button.

Here is a summary of the operations that can be performed on the gallery on the Manage Gallery page.

  • Edit the name and description of the gallery.
  • Edit the path (although this only changes the path, it doesn’t rename it).
  • Delete the gallery.

Managing Images

Once you get images into a gallery, you can perform a number of different operations on them. Probably the first thing you’ll want to do is to annotate them. While you’re at it you may as well add a description to your gallery.

The Menage Gallery page provides a lot of flexibility and allows you to make a lot of changes at once. One thing you’ll want to be careful of, however, is to avoid doing to many operations that take a lot of time, such as regenerating thumbnails. Doing so can cause the operation to timeout.

Here is a summary of the operations that can be performed on images on the Manage Gallery page.

  • Specify a description for each image.
  • Specify alternate title text for each image.
  • Delete an image. The image file itself will only be deleted if the Delete image files option is enabled on the General Options page.
  • Generate new (create custom) thumbnails for selected images. This is especially useful when you change the thumbnail options.
  • Resize images. This is useful when you set resize parameters on the Images option page.
  • Scan the folder for new images as described above.
  • View image meta data.
  • Sort images. Only when Custom order option is selected on Options page.
  • Lock images for unregistered users.

Add Skins

Plugin should automatically create this folder and move all skins in it. But some servers don’t let to do that due folder write permissions. So you need manually create ‘flagallery-skins’ folder and click Reset settings on Overview page.

Make sure that one of the skin is active and there must be default skin (Midnight). Never delete default skin (Midnight skin).

Install Gallery Skin.

  1. Choose zip file with skin and install
  2. Activate Canyon skin

Skin Options.

Each skin has its own set of properties. To change these properties, there is a control panel (Click to Active Skin Options or Options)

Add Gallery to Page / Post

Insert Shortcode

Go to your post/page and insert shortcode tag easy with FlAGallery button

[flagallery gid=all]

Additional shortcode parameters

If you use gid=all:

[flagallery gid=all name="Gallery" orderby=title order=ASC exclude=3,5]

This shortcode will display all galleries (except ID=3 and ID=5) sorted by title, ASC order.

Wanna display only three galleries in specific order? No problem:

[flagallery gid=4,2,5 name="Gallery"]

Above shortcode will display first gallery with ID=4, then with ID=2 and ID=5 in flash categories.

Custom skin parameters in shortcode

Check custom settings when insert shortcode and go to Skin tab:

[flagallery gid=3,4,5 name="Auto and Moto" w=100% h=480 skin=photo_code ]

That’s All! Enjoy.

How change displaying mode for mobile devices (without Flash Player).

Go to FlAGallery Toolbar > Options

Choose one of two displaying mode (jQuery gallery script):

  • FancyBox
  • PhotoSwipe

How to use iOS App

All registered websites are able to use the mobile application for iPhone. To register your website go to Flagallery Options page -> Remote Control tab and enter Access Key. If you do it first time you’ll see registration form. After registration you will receive a password to access your profile page. You’ll also use this password for iOS application.

Before start to use iOS aplication be sure You have latest version of FlAGallery plugin installed. And then activate remote control on your website. Login to your WordPress site and save Access key (you can make your own) on Flagallery Options page (Remote Control tab).

After activation you are ready to manage your galleries on iPhone. Open MyPGC iOS App and enter email (you used for purchasing License key) and password received in email (password to your profile page).

Remote Control

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